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Traffic Law

We provide representation for all level of traffic offenses, including DUI/OVI cases, driving under a suspended license and offenses which may cause points problems.

Criminal Defense

We have years of experience defending clients charged with the most serious offenses in and out of the courtroom.

Estate Planning

Whether you have lost a loved one and need help managing these matters or want to manage and provide clear directions for your end of life issues, we are equipped to handle them.

Divorce, Dissolution, and Other Family Matters

Family law matters are often the most emotional, financially distressing and life changing. We have years of experience handling these issues in and out of Court.

Juvenile Matters

We have years of experience handling all types of Juvenile Court matters – delinquency and traffic offenses, paternity, custody, visitation and child support.

Civil/Business Litigation

Engaging in civil litigation, whether by suing someone or being sued yourself or even trying to collect on a debt is a daunting task. Trust us with your case and our experience in handling these matters both in and out of the court room.

Government Relations

The government is ever intruding on you personally and your business, we can help navigate that intrusion by providing review of regulatory actions and guidance on pending rules and legislation at the local, state, and federal levels.

Personal Injury

If you are injured due to someone’s negligence, you need skilled and experienced attorneys to help you maximize your recovery for medical bills, lost wages from work, property damage, your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. We believe every client deserves the best representation regardless of whether the injury is great or small, and we take no fee unless you recover a settlement.

Real Estate Transactions

We can assist you with a wide variety of issues relating to your real estate needs, including: issues with contracts for buying and selling your home, seeking a land contract, zoning matters, options for transferring your real estate via gift or your will, and issues you may have as either a landlord or tenant.