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Frederic Matthews

Fred brings to the representation of all his clients over 30 years of experience, much of it focused in the area of family law - dissolutions, divorce, parenting matters, custody and support issues. He served as a domestic relations referee for the Wood County Common Pleas Court, hearing the entire spectrum of domestic relations cases and making decisions on hundreds of cases. Since then, Fred has represented hundreds of clients in a wide range of family related matters, helping to find resolutions to complicated, emotional and life changing issues facing families.

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Scott Coon

Scott has over thirty years experience representing clients in courts throughout the State of Ohio and in Federal Court in criminal, civil, personal injury, juvenile and Family law matters. Scott also provides experienced advise in business and estate planning matters, believing proper planning is essential in avoiding an appearance in court in the first instance.

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Elizabeth Bostdorff

Whether administering a loved one's estate or guardianship, addressing a civil or business matter, or navigating a domestic relations or juvenile issue, Elizabeth strives to provide her clients the best representation possible. Her years of experience working in and with the government, allow her to understand the complexity of her client's legal issues and advocate in her client's best interest. And, Her background in agriculture provides her insight into the uniqueness involved in agricultural matters.

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At Rayle, Matthews and Coon we have professionals and paraprofessionals with combined experience exceeding 100 years. When you hire one of us, you hire all of us. We can provide you with skillful representation over a broad range of practice areas from our team who consult with each other on a daily basis. We are a family, and we will provide you with the same level of care we would want for members of our family.